Sep 13, 2007

Karina's birthday surprise

9/13/07-Karina had a great day yesterday (even though today is her birthday) Cristy flew in yesterday and surprised Karina and I. (Jason was in on the surprise) She is going to stay with us for a week! We will go over to Mike's this weekend for mom's birthday. She has moved into Mike's "Basement" now which is like an apt. That way Cristy can see mom and I can help get her organized. Jason's parents are coming in two weeks! I can't wait to see them again. Thankfully, we have all been healthy up until this week and I had a touch of the flu. I am sure now that Karina and Cooper are going to "Mothers-Day-out" for two mornings, the sickness will start..... Jason is working alot these days but tries to spend all his time on weekends with the kids. Of course some nights as well. I know it has been hard on him too because he misses the kids so much. I am sure that will all balance out soon. The kids are really growing up so fast. They talk my ears off now!

Sep 10, 2007

Birthday party

9/10/07-getting ready for the 11 kids coming tomorrow morning for Karina's birthday, and the "adult" party we are having tomorrow night! Oh be a mom! She is so excited she can't stand it. Of course, Cooper keeps saying "No, Cooper's birthday!!!" anytime Karina says it is going to be her birthday

They both seem to like school. Karina told me today that at school they have a "little potty" and that "i see Cooper in the gym". Cooper still cries when they get him out of the car but then has fun. He says he is a good boy at school and has brought me artwork everytime. He loves to ask Karina now "Karina....what that?" She of course will tell him what (whatever item he is pointing too) what it is. Funny...

Jason of course is working his butt off. He seems to be handling all the pressure pretty well.

Sep 3, 2007


Took them to the zoo one day, and could barely keep up with them. They were so excited and running to the next exhibit. They have again, changed so much in just one month. they love the animals so much

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