Jul 10, 2013


Uncle Mike getting us set for fishing
I have always felt like a kid when we have company coming to visit.  So as soon as we were unpacked, we put the word out that we were ready for guests and a room was "booked" within a few days by my brother and his friend that would make the almost 8 hour drive down from North Carolina.  While we lived in Germany, we were lucky to have many of our family and friends visit us, but it wasn't often enough for me.

As a kid I loved going up to visit my grandparent.  As we were on the last mile of our drive to 'Ma & Pa's' house my dad would have me begin counting down as we winded around the two lane road just to add to the anticipation before our arrival.  Not only did my mouth begin to drool as I thought of all of my grandmother's home cooked favorites that would be consumed,  but I also knew that as we pulled into the gravel driveway that had a welcoming crunch under our tires, my grandfather (most times) would be sitting on one of the porches awaiting our arrival.  Their hospitality always made me feel warm and bubbly and I hope I carry on the tradition as I find myself sitting (not so patiently) on the front porch counting down the minutes until they arrive.

giving fishing lessons in the back yard


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