Jul 3, 2013


If only this guy's dentures could talk...he would tell you that I felt just like him after all of our travel from Germany to Alabama and then to Oregon... not to mention my little girl holding on tight to sickness the whole time we were at the grandparents.  But, unlike this talking Joe, with a little time and relaxation thanks to Grandma and Pops, I have found my skin again. 
Porter also wanted Karina to get well
Guess who is having the most fun?

not only did we make 2 trips to the doctor, but I also knew I was back in America driving the gran's big ole Ford. 
We didn't get to ride, but at least we had a afternoon laughing together and visiting all of the new fouls

checking out the Fouls at Black Butte 

Grandma is the best teacher..even when Porter is fiesty!

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