Sep 6, 2013

poor study habits or language barrier...

Maybe my struggles understanding the German language while we were living there weren't just due to my poor study habits.... 

Just as I thought I was settling back into the world of English, I had a man come up to me as I was sitting on the library floor gathering books for the kids and ask, "are you going to the Gap later?" 

I stared at him for about long enough to sneeze trying to rack my brain if I knew him and then responded with big wide open eyes, "excuse me?" 

He repeated, "are you going to the Gap later?"

I gazed at him about the same as I gazed at a German that was speaking too fast.  And just like my gaze didn't bother those Germans, it didn't bother this man either as he patiently said, " I was just asking, because if you need me too, I can help you get up!"  

Now, I am not really sure what baffles me more...the fact that he even thought I may not be able to get up from my perfected Indian style sit OR that I heard Gap rather then "get-up".   At least now, I am clear that language may always be a challenge for me whether it is German, English or even Alabamian...and THAT was spoken like a true writer:

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