Jul 10, 2013

Pictures hung

Movers came and came and came.  Over a course of 2 weeks and 3 days of unloading our furniture arrived via boat, plane and many customs inspections.  And yes, much to my friends amazement all the pictures are hung and boxes are all unpacked.  Ok...so it is a little 'type A' personality.  But after living in hotels and suitcases for 6 weeks, I like to create a "home" as fast as possible no matter what country or state we are living and thankfully, I have a husband that also likes to get settled.  Well, maybe he doesn't like all of the hanging of pictures...then the un-hanging because a better spot was found.  So maybe after this whirlwind of unpacking there seems to be a lot of exhaustion and sleeping that happens.  Thank goodness we had so many great friends that helped us with hands and great delivered meals!!!
we are moving that picture again??
All done!

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