Today is my 41st birthday and I still feel 21....well, except when Karina & Cooper are throwing a fit. I agree with dad, age is all in one's head. Anyway, started the day off GREAT. Cooper and Karina slept until 6:30 about an hour later than normal! Wooo hoo! I told them they needed to be nice to me today and Cooper said, " I don't wanna be nice today" REALLY? We headed to the gym after breakfast so I could feel like I was 41 after an extremely painful aerobics class. Then it was off to Mercedes to have lunch with daddy. Tonight Jason took Karina and Rocky to dog training class as part of my birthday present (since last week was a zoo with the whole Hoff family at dog training) This weekend Uncle Mike is going to keep the kids Saturday night so Jason and I can go into Atlanta and have a birthday dinner with some of our friends!

I am going to attempt to post videos from my birthday present, Flip video. One is of Karina and Rocky playing their usual game and then Cooper singing with their new keyboard/microphone the Gambrells gave them for Christmas.


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Well, Karen Hoff and Chandra have motivated me to get back to writing and posting on my blog. It has been over a year since my last post.

Karina is now 4 and Cooper 3. They both have grown so much since the last posts in our blog. Some things have stayed the same over the past year.... Cooper fighting sleep at night, the two of them getting into EVERYTHING, Cooper's curiosity, Karina's singing, our excitement when family comes to visit, Jason working outrageous hours, Kids waking up at 5:30 am, Kirstin trying to stay sane, Karina's love for books, Cooper being scared of monsters.

But many things have changed...We got a dog from the Pound-Rocky, Mommy turned 4o, Cooper is now talking up a storm, Cooper being ver affectionate, Karina's maturity level, their love to travel especially to the beach and Uncle Mikes, their creativity, love to color, ability to swim and loving diving to the bottom of the pool, Cooper's passion for ropes and tying knots. Many more things that I just can't remember.

Some of the funny things said over the year...
"oooooohhh....Mommy, you look like a mermaid" Cooper
"If you close my door, I will find a way out because I am a Three Muskateer" Cooper
"Mommy, why do I have brown skin and yours is grey?" Karina
"Mommy, do you like me?" Karina
"Why did baby Jesus have to sleep in the hay with all of the germs" Karina
"mommy, I like girls" Cooper
"Look-the fish are dead just like hoops is dead" Cooper at Costco
"daddy needs a new bed b/c Cooper keeps getting in yours at night" Karina
"Mommy, you are my sweet girl." Cooper
"mommy, Rocky's pee-pee is hiding" Karina
"That water is spicy like pepperoni" Cooper while crying after he got into jellyfish at the beach
"Am I going to grow big like Spiderman" Karina
"mommy, is that a train track on your back" Cooper (it was the lines from my sports bra)
"You are my favorite" Cooper
"we don't learn about God at school, we just sing songs about him" Cooper and Karina
"when you and daddy go to dinner, are you going to talk about tennis" Cooper as we were leaving for a "date"

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