Touring Prague-Hoff style

Today, Jason and I took turns going for a morning run.  We have found it is a great way to see many of the cities we visit without crowds and without a six/seven year old asking, "when are we going back to the hotel to swim?"  My run along the Vltava river took me straight to the 'Charles Bridge' (which has history dating back to the 1357)   The winding path along the river was spectacular as  the fog slowly rose like a curtain of a great Broadway play.  I knew this show was probably going to earn a standing ovation.  The Charles Bridge received just that as I admired it all while sucking in deep breaths in search of oxygen since my body was not cooperating so much with this running tour.  Other than my gasps, it was very quiet and peaceful. 

The Charles Bridge

Then we got to the second half of our day of touring which involved a lot of “bribery” in order to have a whine-less day of touring.  Some of our friends like to give us a hard time about the "tough life" we live vacationing over here in Europe…but what they don’t know, is it takes a lot of “only on vacation” tickets.  For instance…a real “caffeine stocked” coke, dinner at a table RIGHT BESIDE THE PLAY AREA, chocolate filled crepes, and fulfilled promises of hours at the hotel pool. 

Today we had to do a lot of bribing before we set out since it would involve lots of walking to tour the Old Town and the Jewish Quarter known as Josefov.  Web info The history, Synagogues, and cemetery were all very emotional and were a challenge to explain in ‘6 year old terms’.  (It was difficult enough for this 43 young girl to comprehend to the magnitude of loss) 

The kids handled the whole day pretty well for young-uns traveling in a country where they can’t speak the language... I guess “coke-a-cola” “pool” and “pizza” is a universal language!!

Pinkas Synagogue

Pinkas Synagogue

 The old Jewish Cemetery.  I will not even try to write about this as I am not a professional writer...please see Wikipedia for more info.  Old Jewish Cemetery in Prague

Every good day should end with a Crepe!



Like I said, the best way to recover after 'entertaining' guests for so long, is to check into a hotel.  We did just that today in Prague Czech Republic's Hotel King's Court.  (click on the name to see there web site-I already recommend it fully!)

I felt like a kid as I hopped into the car to head to Prague.  I am not sure which was more exciting; heading to a city I have never visited, or the anticipation of a "full service" hotel!  The thought of not making beds, cooking or vacuuming for a full week is almost as good as all the sites we are about to experience. 

 But Nothing could have prepared me for the brillant folliage that cheered us all along our drive from Stuttgart to Prague nor the brilliant city that greeted us as we arrived.  Hello Pr-ahhh-gue, it is so nice to meet you! 

We found the perfect hotel-"Hotel King's Court"

and the perfect dinner... smoked ham, with potato & saukerkraut
a perfect smile:)

The perfect way to tour the city at night!



"Hoff Festival" has come to an end...

Where are all of our guests?  I can't see them anymore!

The last hug was given at the airport, the last quick turn to wave one more time was done, nose was blown and after 5 weeks of constant company came to an end, I drove as fast as I could to my “friseur”.  I know, it is sick…instead of crying because we are alone in the Hoff house, I was crying because my roots were screaming loudly from the top of my head that they had been neglected the past month.

But some things are worth neglecting when you only see your family and friends about once a year…like the laundry, the floating dog hair which has come alive, books to be read, and returning other friend's emails (no…I don’t neglect my German lessons, kids or school work no matter how hungry my guests are around 5...they are allowed a glass of wine while they simmer) 

The two questions I have been asked about all of our company:

My friend asked, “How do you handle 5 straight weeks of company…I am struggling with this one week because I can’t even walk around my own house naked!”
            My answer, “I walk around my house naked! 

Jason asked on the phone, (as I was speeding to the Friseur) “Are you sad that everyone is gone now?” 
            My answer, “Nope, now I can walk around naked and pick my nose!

Now that things have settled down and my house is clean, I am missing my family and friends being here with us.  However, as the Hoff hotel “closes for the season”, we will also check out ...and head to Prague to enjoy a different hotel where we can sleep late and have someone serve us breakfast....if the kids allow all that!  

A few pictures to re-cap the "Hoff Month of Guests Festival" 
I missed "racing" in the Stuttgart tour guide

How many more rose gardens is Kirstin going to make us tour!  
Finally-The Hoffs let us sit!
How many more of these "Tours" do we have left?
Nancy-are you looking at that guys butt in the Lederhosen?
We are going to just watch...and wish we had Lederhosen!

I'm not stopping to look at grapes..I'm almost there!
Look Marvin-those are REAL grapes!
Karina, let's take em for all their money before they leave!
Forest walks are the best tour for 4 kids!
Cooper, see that chick down there....
Let's call it a day!

I bet this day will include a lot of shopping...

NO Cha-Ching!!!


Mein Grossvater lebt in Deutschland!

Is this OLD??

What is old? 

Well, if my grandfather had been living today, he probably would say, “I am old!” because it would have been his 100th birthday.  The past few days we have toured parts of Germany that are over a 1000 years old... 100 doesn’t seem so old anymore.  But we aren’t buildings, castles, monasteries, or jewels…we are people and we get old.  For me, old means wise, old teaches you not to stress so much over the little things, and old helps you learn appreciation. 

I appreciate my grandfather, better known to our family as “Pa.”  He seemed to be able to teach us many lessons in life without us even realizing we were being “taught”.  The most important lesson I learned from him, he taught by example; to be kind to people.

As I take my family to tour all of ‘old Germany’ I have to think, “A part of my grandfather also lives here in Germany, because he helped shape me into the person I am today and I will always carry of piece of him within me no matter where in the world I live!”  So ‘PA’, I hope you are enjoying all of the currywurst, and I’ll have a cold beer once in a while for you!  I miss you and I am so grateful for all of the lessons and time we spent together.  LOVE!  
Is this old??

This remembers the old and the losses...

He is not old...

very old...

very young:)

feelin old....

they wish they were old...

old restaurant...

This dinner may make him old!

Very young Pfannkuchen!

This is for you Pa-Happy Birthday!

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