"True friendship is like sound health; the value of it is seldom known until it is lost."

I would be crazy not to blog about how great my friends and family have been the last 3 weeks....carpooling the kids to and from school, taking them to the zoo/park/library/basketball game, playing hide and seek, home cooked meals for the family, letting the kids come to their houses for the day, doing our laundry, cleaning the house, many dishwasher loads, getting the kids dressed/undressed/bathed..... That doesn't begin to touch on the emotional support each one of my friends gave our kids (and me knowing they were in safe hands)

It all started off with my "surprise" oral surgery to extract a tooth that had decayed under my bridge. It would also require rebuilding the back part of my jaw with bone graft in preparation for the two implants they will begin working on this summer. Of course, to say I was nervous is a gigantic understatement. My fear of oral surgery all began in 1990 when I had an implant done....only preformed with Novocaine (which is unheard of I am told) , dad holding my hand the whole time while I cried continuously. Anyway, when the surgeon told me I needed to get someone to help me for three days while I recovered, I thought yea...whatever, I would prove him wrong. He didn't know the drive I have to stay well and fit....I was planning on showing everyone I could run the next day like my friend. WRONG-Jason took the day off and we asked (begged) Mike to come help with the kids during my recovery. THANK GOODNESS for Mike, Jason, Skeet, Christell and Cindy. That surgery ended up teaching me a very important lesson in life-Oral Surgeons know more than the Patient. The funniest moment during my recovery/Percocet daze- Karina came and tapped my huge swollen face and asked, "Are you hiding food in there?"

I was finally feeling victorious and like my old self after that five day set back. I thought it was a tad strange when Jason had a nasty cold but neither the kids or I seemed sick. Well...that Grubby little cold came knocking on my door. But I thought, "Hey, if Jason can run the Mercedes Half Marathon with this ugly mess (and beats his time from last year), I can go play a little 1 1/2 hour tennis match. HA...Immune system said "NOPE" and I end up the next day at the doctor's office and Outpatient with a diagnosis of Pneumonia. Who would of thought I could barely get out of bed for another 6 days. Once again my great friends came to my rescue....(Christine Perkins even making the voyage over from Atlanta for two days since Jason was in Germany)...

I have always known that I am very blessed with the great husband I have, the great friendships we have cultivated and the fabulous brother (who thinks he is more of a father to me). The past few weeks have been positive in a lot of ways....it made me once more appreciate my relationships and remind me how important it is for ME to work even harder at doing things for those in need.


Valentines Day weekend

We had a very exciting weekend! Uncle Mike had worked with the kids to make hearts for the windows in the house earlier in the week, which started the excitement with Karina and Cooper. Then they started getting all their Valentine cards in the mail and school...which raised the excitement up a notch. Then the excitement hit an all time high when it snowed twice in one weekend(yes....in Alabama) The kids and I had fun decorating the yard to wish Jason luck running the Mercedes half marathon Sunday. We were very proud of him, he ran 1:44 minutes ! This beat his time from last year which was incredible since he had a very nasty cold this year!


January 2010

We headed to Uncle Mike's to spend a few days for New Years Eve. We were excited to have Cristy and Xavier with us too. The Perkins family came up to spend New Years Eve Day with us and boy did we have some action. Rocky found a little Deer that had a hurt leg and spent 3o minutes chasing it all over Mike's property. Including in the ice cold pond. I am not sure what was more dramatic....all the men chasing Rocky and the Deer or the kids standing there watching in horror. Rocky and the deer got stuck in a little mud, so the men were able to restrain Rocky. Cristy and X headed back to DC New Years Day, but Taylor and a few of his friends came to join us at Mike's. Jason and the boys had the best time cutting wood with his chain saw and making a path thru the woods. It was so cold that the girls, Cooper and I huddled by the fire pit trying to stay warm. Karina wanted to stay with her daddy despite the cold. Uncle Mike had some incredible homemade Chicken Noodle soup waiting for us all at the end of the day.

I had the best birthday! The Saturday prior, Jason worked out a babysitter so we could spend the afternoon hunting for my present-a nice cozy reading chair for our bedroom. On the night of my birthday it couldn't have been better-great Italian dinner with great friends. Spending quality time with my friends remains one of my favorite things to do!

Jason and I decided to take the kids (and Rocky) for an overnight trip to Chattanooga for MLK weekend. We stayed at the Chatanooga Choo-Choo in a renovated train car. The kids loved going the game room, swimming in the indoor pool, and most of all....spending the day at the Aquarium.

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