April -2010

Ooo eee, ooo ah ah ting tang
Walla walla, bing bang……
Yep…some Witch Doctor put a spell on us while Jason was in Germany was in Germany the past 10 days….….
1st- Funk-I cut my finger while cutting flower=stitches/ tetnus shot for me while kids sat at Emerga Care patiently for 2 hrs.
2nd Funk-1 days later-  A Copper Head under my chair in the driveway while watching the kids play-which Karina said, “parker and I thought it was a string until with touched it and it “said, ssssss”
3rd Funk- 3 days later- another trip to Emerg Care because Cooper poked Karina in the eye (“by accident”) with the stake TruGreen left in our yard. (after the doctor did the whole dye test etc. to Karina-who isn’t the best patient-decided it would heal with antibiotics.
4th Funk-3 days later-Cooper won’t stop crying when I pick him up from school. Turns out it was just an Ear infection for Cooper. The 
Funny part of this visit- that the Doctor knows us by name now and offers to take my stitches out since we were already at the office. 

Thank goodness Jason returned from Germany to bring us some “good mojo”!

First Filling
It shouldn’t surprise me that the first of the kids to have a cavity is Cooper.  That boy LOVES his sugar and has been known to sneak some candy when he thinks nobody is looking.  Leading up the “Big Day”, - the dentist office sent this very official form about whether or not we wanted Cooper to have “GAS” to eliminate the pain while having the tooth filled which made me a tad nervous because I thought it would really not be a big deal. After many days of thought, we opted for him not to use gas.  Needless to say, it didn’t bother Cooper one bit and he laughed and told the dentist numerous “funnies” during the procedure. .  The ironic part of the experience…they should have asked if Karina would need Gas to watch Cooper go thru the procedure.  She almost came unglued just watchingJ

One of Cooper’s funny moments-
When they were suctioning the water out of his mouth, Cooper holds up his hands for them to stop. The Dentist, thinking something was wrong, stops and asks Cooper, “Does something hurt?” Cooper’s response, “the suction tube sucked my tongue out of my mouth and now I don’t have a tongue.”

Hoff and Polinsky Familes head for the Beach
Long holiday weekend + a great available house = Enjoyable weekend with great friends.
We Rented a great 4 bedroom with a pool house down by Rosemary Beach together with the Polinksy Family for 4 days.  Cindy and I took Karina and Cooper down a night early and stayed in a hotel room.  The plan was to get all the groceries, get the house ready and have a little extra beach time. It was still a tad cool in the pool, but it didn’t seem to phase and of the kids.  We enjoyed beach time, great meals, coffee together and some fun Wii time.  (The girls kicked my butt in “Just Dance”)  We are so fortunate to have such good friends.  Karina loved trying to be one of the teenagers like Brooke, Abby and Rachel.  She wanted to wear her bikini everyday like theirs and layed-out in the sun her towel just like them. She also seems to have her mother’s love for going on vacation and always says the days leading to departure-“I wish we didn’t have to leave”

Karina asked if daddy could buy us a house at the beach... The good mother that I am, " oh that's a good idea, go ask daddy"

When Coopers teacher asked what beach we had been too for our break, Cooper answered.” The beach that has the big house with the pool”


Spring Break_March 2010

March 2010
We're off to see the Wizard.....not really just Arizona.  We had a great spring break spending time with Grandma and Pops at the house they rented in Phoenix, AZ. The pool at the house was so cold..but that didn't stop Cooper and Karina from swimming!  We did take them to the club most days that had a heated pool (as well as mommy and daddy sippies)

We then finished our spring break at Uncle Mike's house.  Uncle Mike picked the kids and I up from the Atlanta aiport. ( Jason needed to go back and work a few days prior to his trip to Germany)  Jason was kind enough to thank Michael by aiming golf balls at him while he was fishing (see picture) The kids really enjoyed the days at Uncle Michaels!  Cooper even decided it would be better to jump in the cold pond to get his water for sand castles...notice how Karina was dipping her water while laying on the dock!    We were also able to enjoy a nice day with the Perkins family!  

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