Finger in Shower drain

Went to Mike's for the weekend. Mike watched the kids for about 5 hours Saturday and we had an afternoon date and just messed around. The kids love him. So, that was a nice anniversary. Came home and tonight Cooper stuck his finger in the shower drain and we thought we were going to the ER. Couldn't get it to stop bleeding and he kept crying "hurt". Nurse called just as I got it to stop bleeding. It is always something with that boy! He is a mess! But really sweet while being a mess. Jason leaves for work every morning now at 5:15/5:30....yes on a daily basis. I couldn't do it. I barely function with the kids at their 6:30 wake up!



Cooper has no time for picture taking....he is just too busy. I am so surprise by how much he has grown up in just a month. It seems like in the past two weeks he has started talking up a storm. He repeats EVERYTHING that Karina or I say. We have also solved his crying when going to bed problem when we travel....he likes his door open -even at home. He didn't cry at all at Mike's or here at home this weekend. They both LOVE playing outside and I think it will especially nice this year since Cooper can walk. They loved the "sidewalk" chalk paint at Mike's and I thought that may be fun since Cooper does better not eating it ! Karina loves playdough. She actually likes anything creative. Cooper likes most anythng these days. BUT...especially if it involves water. They also love playing in the sprinkler and seem to have figured out how to take their diapers off all by themselves!

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