Family fun
The kids have really enjoyed playing super Mario with Jason in the evenings on our Nintendo Wii.  (Jason and I have been known to play against each other too when the kids go to bed) Some of the funny things said since the wii became such a hit in our house....

“I can’t go to sleep because I hear you downstairs playing Mario Bros”  Cooper (one of his better excuses for not going to bed)

 "daddy is so cool" Cooper and Karina (because he got them to a new world in Mario)...... Why don't I ever get "mommy’s so cool cause she cooked us a great Dinner And did all our laundry!"

“mommy, did you know if Mario has 5 lives and he loses one, then he has 4” -Cooper (Karina proceeded to tell me how many you would have all the way to zero. See Mario can teach math!!!)

Hair today…..Gone tomorrow

One afternoon, I walked into the kitchen and saw black hair lying all over the floor.  I asked,” why is Rocky's hair laying all in the floor?" Cooper answered (while holding a pair of scissors), "It all fell out"  Karina just looks at me…..

Fast forward 1 ½ weeks
so...tonight when Cooper was getting his haircut, the hairdresser says to me, "what happened to his hair" Huh?? I walked over to look at Cooper’s hair and immediately asked Cooper, "Who cut your hair?" His response-"Rocky". So it gets better...Karina says, "Mom, last week when you asked what happened to Rocky's hair, it was really Cooper's hair lying on the floor.  But don’t tell Cooper you know, cause we don’t wont to make him mad”.

The Lady is a Tramp
Guess the dress I wore Karina's class party wasn't the best choice since she came running up to me and said, " mommy, I loveeee your nightgown"

I’m a walking….
Middle of night house alarm said, "patio door open". I calmly (hee-hee) wake Jason up and send he and Rocky out to get that burglar! He doesn't come back and Rocky isn't barking..... I go to look for myself, the brave woman that I am, go look for myself-Cooper is on the back deck sleep walking. Beginning of a fun weekend.

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