Making Adjustments...

So far all is going great for our move.  We have made quite a few adjustments today.  Probably the first day of many...

Rocky living in a hotel-he seems to like all the attention in the lobby and is no longer afraid of the elevator.  
Bratwurst for breakfast- Karina LOVED,
Red fruit that I'm not even sure what it was-Cooper loved.
Incredible salmon, meat and cheese for breakfast
Strong coffee-that I loved and only needed one cup.
Kids watching "Special Agent Oso" in German.
Cooper asking numerous times, "Why does it take so long to get everywhere" (welcome to a large city)
I ran with Rocky in 19 degree weather (and was the first up-that is also a first)
We let the kids have real Pepsi for the caffeine-YIKES
Our "warm" clothes are not warm enough for the playground.  EVEN Cooper was shivering and I was saying ugly things under my breath about Jason taking so long to pick us up cause my feet were frozen.  Clothes shopping tomorrow!
Slippery monkey bars and zip lines will throw you off!!!!
I did drive in the snow and ice-lasted 10 minutes before I had a heart attack and gave Jason the keys back.

Kids would rather swim in the hotel pool then go to the Christmas Market-this will change....
So now we are going to see how they handle eating in a German restaurant-they believe in VERY slow and relaxing dinners:)


We made it!

We made it to Germany....a very white Germany.  I am not sure who had more fun playing in the snow today, the kids or Rocky.  Cooper and Rocky had a competition to see who could roll in the snow the most. 
Today when we were doing a walk thru of our house with realtor the doorbell rang.  I hear a lady saym "are there Americans moving in this house".  Turns out the neighbors behind our house just moved here from San Diego, CA and have two girls-4 and 6yrs. We walked to their house to meet them but Cooper was not so thrilled with all the princess dress-up clothes.  Looking for a little boy for Cooper to play with will be a priority on my list.
 The kids have been very interested in learning German words AND using them.  I think it has to do with the fact that everytime they have tried to use their German words (in the Grocery, Daimler offices etc.) the adults hand them candy.  No joke!  Cooper was baffled that the waitress at breakfast didn't give him candy when he said, "Nein".  (She asked if he was finished) 


Headed to Germany

Our house is for sale, our furniture is on a boat, we are sleeping on air mattresses and our clothes are now on the airfreight all headed to Stuttgart Germany.  We are beginning our new adventure for the next 3 years (or 5).  We are visiting our family in SC, NC and GA for Thanksgiving prior to flying out. 

Going away party

Our new house in Stuttgart

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