More than tours in Germany...

"You look like my mom when we are doing homework"
NOPE...I haven't written a post in a while.....  Did you know that when your kids get into "real" school grades even in Germany, they have homework?!?!  I mean, don't teachers know that there are tour books coming out of the walls and so many fun things to do in Germany besides homework...not to mention the fact I didn't even like doing my own homework when I was growing up!  Calm down now all of my teacher friends because (drumroll), I have again slipped on my 'big-girl' panties and started this more structured life which involves my helping with homework, set bedtimes, and many comments of "moms banging her head again".  So, nope I haven't written on my beloved blog but my children are going to be well educated and can hopefully read the tour books to me real soon!

I think everyone else is doing homework
Did you know... I also finally got over one of my silly fears called, "joining a German Gym".  Yes, I did it and can therefore bang my head inside the sweat smelling confinement of a gym when the homework the previous night was too tough.  My cousin (who is a fitness expert) asked me, "why were you scared of going to a gym in Germany?"  HMMM...my love handles hanging over in an annoying manner all while I am being instructed in a language that doesn't happen to be my own-you tell me.  BUT- I overcame another fear since moving here and have found my German trainer to be fabulous (and he didn't even notice my handles) and they have all kinds of massage chairs and machines to relax your muscles after the head banging!!!
massage machine in gym to relax your muscles!!!

AND did you know that there are gorgeous sunsets all over the world?  This one, helped me remember that life is sometimes more than tours listed in a guide book or even new phases of motherhood because the sun will rise and set no matter what country you are living in...well, I guess if I had spent a little more time on my homework I would no know that wasn't true!  (Sorry N. Pole, S. Pole, Alaska...just to name a few)
My German sunset


Stuttgart Weindorf

They built it and we came...and came.  There weren't any baseball fields, more like many grape fields from all around the area showcasing their harvests,  and I didn't notice Kevin Costner strolling around, but I did hear a whisper in my ear.  It wasn't the voice of a ghost, but rather the sizzle of the homemade schwäbische specialties being cooked like Maultaschen, Flamkuchen, rotwurst and waffles,  the sound of laughter as we spent time with friends, and the licking of lips as the kids devoured their sugar treats ( and the parents theirs from the harvest) 

Yes, just like the movie, they built it, we came and now it is all gone....until next year!  Weindorf website

Here we are



Hiking in the Black Forest

We took a drive to the Northern part of the Black Forest to spend the day hiking in the nature
 reserve, Monbachta. Link for more  A One hour
 drive in Germany feels more like a one minute, since it usually consists of flying on the autobahn, and then exiting on a little delicious winding road carrying you thru quaint little German villages. 

Once we (plus the dog) made it to Monbachta trail we hiked and climbed the moss covered cliffs, ate beside waterfalls and watched Cooper continue to try to dam the ice cold brooks.  From the feel of my feet and legs, it is a good thing we didn't take on the almost 7 mile hike!

Is it time to eat again?


Full swing in Germany

We are back in full swing here in Germany, and I'm not referring to our mini- golf outing overlooking the Nekar river at restaurant Nekarblick. (I thought it was the perfect place for Jason to work on his 'swing' prior to his upcoming golf trip)

1st and 2nd grade

Unlike the kid's golf swings, which are a tad on the erratic and dangerous side if you are standing within 2 feet, we have settled into a new consistent school year.  Karina was excited about starting 2nd grade, but not thrilled that it would be interfering with "Barbie time". Good to know her priorities are in the proper order.
Schultüte" ceremony

Cooper kicked off the beginning of 1st grade with the traditional German "Schultüte" ceremony (last year's blog post Schultüte 2011 post) I was extremely proud of him when he said, " I wasn't nervous on stage because I did like they did in the Muppet Movie...acted like everyone was naked." Yep, schooling is in full swing both at home and in class.
Cooper made his Schultüte

Also back in full swing are my daily runs in the forest. Since my "soon to be 75" year old father smoked me in a game of beach Kadima during our vacation, I decided those runs needed to get back in FULL SWING so that I can request a rematch.

Life this summer was nice and also included a swing...But mostly a' Porch one'.
Forest Run

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