Mineral Bad Leuze

I had to do some research prior to us making our trip to the mineralbad so I could answer any questions the kids may have during our visit.  (It has been 13years since I last visited one here on a business trip) Stuttgart is ranked right after Budapest as having the second largest source of mineral water in Europe.  Out of the Earth, there are 19 springs pumping  22 million litres of mineral water into the city every day.   For thousands of years, this water has been thought to relax you, help joint aches, and help skin, heart,  respiratory problems and many other physical ailments.  

Trying to figure it all out....
Today, my new friend, Christie, and I took our kids (all 4) via train to  Mineral Bad Leuze.  The Leuze comes from springs which have a high concentration of carbon and minerals. So, you can imagine how much the kids loved swimming in the  bubbles. The water at this particular MineralBad, is bubbling in the temperature levels of 68°, 75°, 86° and 93° degrees. It was very refreshing swimming from cooler indoor pool to the outside pool.  Picture this, cold day, warm pool, fog on top of pool, fountains streaming water down, heated "chairs in pool, crisp air in your face, well....maybe more like COLD air in your face.  Sounds relaxing right....now imagine Cooper trying to do Cannon balls and hanging on Christie's back every minute.  I'm sure she loved that taking into consideration she has two of her own children wanting to hold on to her. Actually, the kids loved every aspect of the pools.  When we went into the hottest and highest Mineral content pool, all the kids went into a daze.  Supposedly, it is the high concentration of minerals that sends you body into complete relaxation. 

After all of my research prior to our visit, the only questions any children asked me today were, "Why is your tummy so fat" as we were all in the dressing area, Yep....my research really paid off. 

The kids enjoyed throwing snowballs into the Neckar which runs beside the MineralBad Leuze

Guess who started all the snowball throwing?!?!?

The Neckar River 


  1. I am really impressed that you and your friend took all four kids!:) Good for you! Sounds like you had a great day:)love,m:)

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