10/22/07- Finally made it home from New Hampshire this afternoon after being stuck in Cinn airport due to flight cancellations last night. Jason seems to be ok having to take another day off from work to care for the kids! He is so much more patient than me!

10/26/07 -Kids are sick again!

10/27/07- I had this great idea to take the kids to a pumpkin patch (40 min drive) which has hay rides, petting zoo and you get to pick your own pumpkin. What could be a better way to spend a family Saturday? WRONG! Karina wanted us to carry her the whole time because “I don’t like people”. Cooper was so busy pulling the cow’s tale, he fell and got a boo-boo. We rode the tractor to pick out pumpkins. Cooper didn’t understand that the pumpkins were for “picking” and not “throwing”. We decided to call it a day and went home to get ready for our company!

10/30/07- Cooper has a fever of 103.7 Karina is up in her room trying to nap but is crying for me however, it hard to go get her because I am holding Cooper. Went and got Karina, she is crying REAL tears saying she doesn’t feel good. Fell asleep in my arms. Cooper knows I am immobile….opened the drawers to our dresser and is climbing on top. Went to doctor….both have Severe ear infections.

10/31/07- Cooper Not too sick to sneak candy out of his pumpkin from trick or treating and then tell us “one more piece please”. Jason and I looked up and saw that Karina and Cooper had talked Phillip into taking them trick or treating for a third time. Cooper kept saying “more pop’s beans" (which he calls M & M’s since that is what his “pops” eats.

11/1/07- Decided to put them in our shower since Jason is working late and I am already tired from this week with two sick kids. I go to the kitchen to fix their milk while they are in the shower and I hear gut retching screaming. I run to the bathroom to see who is hurt. Cooper is yelling “snake…snake…snake… and Karina is up against the shower wall screaming “Cooper go Poo-poo in the shower” Sure enough it looked like a snake. Needless to say, we moved to the bath tub.

11/5/07- Went to the gym today…Cooper and Karina LOVE the playroom. Decided to go to the third floor and lift some weights after my aerobics class. All of a sudden the fire alarm went off and all the doors shut. I started getting nervous since the Hoover Recreation Center is so big and what if there was a fire, and I am not with Cooper and Karina and they are scared. So, I run down all three flights of stairs to the playroom (don’t take the elevator during a fire) to get Karina and Cooper. When I get to the bottom I get real nervous, there are four firemen and the fire chief and the alarm is ringing for a second time. I fly past them to go down to the playroom thinking the kids are scared. Yes, kids are crying and scared….but not OURS! B/C Cooper was the one to push the furniture over to the fire alarm and pull it TWICE!!!! He was happy though, b/c the fireman took him out to the truck. Of course, Karina gives me her usual “play by play” of what Cooper had done!!! They were still trying to reset the alarm system when we left.

11/9/07- Jason took a vacation day so we could spend some time together as a family. We went to the zoo. I was so proud of Cooper. The tiger was pacing next to the window at eye level. All the other kids screamed and ran back to their parents. Cooper gave the tiger one of his “ROOOOAR” and didn’t’ budge. He usually saves those “ROOOARS” for me when he is mad at me.

11/10/07-Kids both sick again!!!

11/12/07- The weather is so nice-68 degrees! The kids have loved to play in the front yard with their dump trucks. It is so fun to see them enjoy each other’s company so much and make up their own games. I have left all the windows and front door open so I can keep an eye on them while I cook dinner. (Since Karina asks me EVERY morning “what you cook for dinner momma?”) So, god forbid we don’t have three home cooked meals everyday! I probably have the only children who don’t like fast food. All of a sudden I hear crying and screaming. I run outside and see Cooper lying at the bottom of the front porch stairs. Karina gives me a play by play….”Cooper ride his bike down stairs and get boo-boo…he go backwards” Sure enough…Cooper has 7 boo-boos (we had to count them) but no broken bones. Karina tells me, “I be right back Momma…I go get something.. She comes out of the house (I am still sitting at the bottom of the stairs holding Cooper who can’t stop screaming) She says, “here Cooper, hold my duck that fix it!”

11/13/07- Aerobics instructor asks me today in front of the WHOLE CLASS..”Wasn’t that your little boy that set off the fire alarm last week?”

11/15/07- I hope I don’t have to check myself into Bryce mental hospital….Karina woke up this morning at her usual 6:00 am but as usual was playing in her room.
6:15 AM- Karina starts yelling, “COOPER WAKE UP”
Then I hear Cooper in his monitor, “Reena, Come in other room”
K’s monitor-“Cooper want book”
C’s monitor, “Reena, Come in other room
C’s monitor, “Cooper here book…(wait ,…is Karina in Cooper’s room??? That is a no-no)
C’s monitor- “reeena, I won’t out”
C’s monitor-“Cooper, climb out…on mark set go”
C’s monitor –BOOOOOM..pause….laughing laughing. Cooper come to my room
K’s monitor. –Cooper…want to play with book?
K’s monitor-Karina CRYING

I run upstairs (have had no coffee yet) and there is Cooper sitting NAKED in Karina’s bathroom sink with pasies, bath toys and a full sink of water. At first I was thinking “where is my camera” until I feel my socks are soaking wet and realize at the same time the water is still running in the sink. Then I am mad…but I can’t even speak much less yell. Karina’s bedroom carpet in her room and closet is flooded! I guess they knew I was mad b/c they kept saying ,”Sorry mommy” and then Cooper said “ROOOAR” and tickle tickle. Yes, he growled at me and tried to tickle me. Well, I guess I better go try to get more water up from the floor….no time to check into the mental hospital today!


Karina's birthday surprise

9/13/07-Karina had a great day yesterday (even though today is her birthday) Cristy flew in yesterday and surprised Karina and I. (Jason was in on the surprise) She is going to stay with us for a week! We will go over to Mike's this weekend for mom's birthday. She has moved into Mike's "Basement" now which is like an apt. That way Cristy can see mom and I can help get her organized. Jason's parents are coming in two weeks! I can't wait to see them again. Thankfully, we have all been healthy up until this week and I had a touch of the flu. I am sure now that Karina and Cooper are going to "Mothers-Day-out" for two mornings, the sickness will start..... Jason is working alot these days but tries to spend all his time on weekends with the kids. Of course some nights as well. I know it has been hard on him too because he misses the kids so much. I am sure that will all balance out soon. The kids are really growing up so fast. They talk my ears off now!


Birthday party

9/10/07-getting ready for the 11 kids coming tomorrow morning for Karina's birthday, and the "adult" party we are having tomorrow night! Oh well.....to be a mom! She is so excited she can't stand it. Of course, Cooper keeps saying "No, Cooper's birthday!!!" anytime Karina says it is going to be her birthday

They both seem to like school. Karina told me today that at school they have a "little potty" and that "i see Cooper in the gym". Cooper still cries when they get him out of the car but then has fun. He says he is a good boy at school and has brought me artwork everytime. He loves to ask Karina now "Karina....what that?" She of course will tell him what (whatever item he is pointing too) what it is. Funny...

Jason of course is working his butt off. He seems to be handling all the pressure pretty well.



Took them to the zoo one day, and could barely keep up with them. They were so excited and running to the next exhibit. They have again, changed so much in just one month. they love the animals so much


Front yard potty

7/07-Kids are sick AGAIN with some nasty chest cold they caught on the plane. We had fun in Oregon and it was so nice having the extra hands. Now, it is back to pretty lonely. Jason is working all the time now and most nights get home just as they are going to bed. By that time, I am exhausted and have to go to bed. I haven't complained though, I can tell he feels so guilty not being around. So, I don't have much more going on here.

8/9/07- I am so tired today....Went to get Karina this morning-bed soaking wet, then new furniture was delivered at 8:15 instead of 9:00 while I was trying to feed them and make cupcakes for Cooper's birthday tomorrow, went to Costco-which was an ordeal today b/c they kept yelling "eat", then went to Home Depot to get felt bottoms for the chairs (b/c they already have scratched the floor-who would have thought being pushed in and out 20 times by them would have scratched the floor????) came home to mow the lawn-100 degree, Karina told me she wet her pants and had to go more tee (while I was mowing the lawn...poor girl had been holding ALL morning and I forgot) Anyway, told her just to take off her panties and shorts and go tee-tee in the grass (because I was about to pass out from heat exhaustion and figured if I stopped the lawn mower, I could never start again) ANYWAY, I was so proud of her just squatting! BUt then I looked closely and she had Poo-pooDDDDD!!!!! UGH! Of course, she asked for her gummy bears afterward (that is what she gets for going potty!) lawn mower decided to sputter and quit on me and I decided to call it a day....oh...it was only 1:15 BUT...this afternoon is a new day (or maybe that is half day)



We had to put Hoops "down" today. Tonight was especially hard because when I put cooper down he started asking for Que and Pappa who just went home. Then all of a sudden he said, "mamma.....wheeeer Hoopssssss". I replied, "he went to Heaven" He said, "no, wheeeeeere Hoopsssss." I replied, "He went to heaven" He said, "mamma, please Hoopssssss". I tried to change the subject because it is hard enough. I knew once Cooper realized Hoops wasn't around it was going to be hard. The interesting thing is also how much he misses Que too.


Finger in Shower drain

Went to Mike's for the weekend. Mike watched the kids for about 5 hours Saturday and we had an afternoon date and just messed around. The kids love him. So, that was a nice anniversary. Came home and tonight Cooper stuck his finger in the shower drain and we thought we were going to the ER. Couldn't get it to stop bleeding and he kept crying "hurt". Nurse called just as I got it to stop bleeding. It is always something with that boy! He is a mess! But really sweet while being a mess. Jason leaves for work every morning now at 5:15/5:30....yes on a daily basis. I couldn't do it. I barely function with the kids at their 6:30 wake up!



Cooper has no time for picture taking....he is just too busy. I am so surprise by how much he has grown up in just a month. It seems like in the past two weeks he has started talking up a storm. He repeats EVERYTHING that Karina or I say. We have also solved his crying when going to bed problem when we travel....he likes his door open -even at home. He didn't cry at all at Mike's or here at home this weekend. They both LOVE playing outside and I think it will especially nice this year since Cooper can walk. They loved the "sidewalk" chalk paint at Mike's and I thought that may be fun since Cooper does better not eating it ! Karina loves playdough. She actually likes anything creative. Cooper likes most anythng these days. BUT...especially if it involves water. They also love playing in the sprinkler and seem to have figured out how to take their diapers off all by themselves!


sick again

We spent yesterday at the doctor's office with Cooper and Karina. He has Croup and she has an ear infection on top of a chest cold. Seems like we all stay sick around here....both Jason and I have had their cold as well. Cooper got a shot of steroid and is on antibiotics as is Karina. She pitched a fit b/c she wanted a shot too! Imagine that.


Colds, Colds, Colds

Things are good here....just fighting constant colds. The kids are doing good otherwise. Jason's parents are coming the 16th-24th. It is going to be so nice to have them here. They try to come every couple of months for at least a week. Jason and I are going to go spend the night in a hotel one night to have some "us" time while they are here. That is a big disadvantage to not having any family around....we don't get much us time.



Karina loves singing "Jesus Loves Me"? Jason's project of finishing our basement is going good...we painted all last weekend. We are going have a Pool table, play room bar, and a full bathroom. Jason is putting in the ceiling and window frames this weekend. Then I will paint the trim while they are napping next week.

We spent four hours in the basement for tornados yesterday. They closed the plant so at least Jason was here with us. It was pretty scary for a while. We have had warm weather all week. Been nice for the kids to play outside b/c it has been in the 70s but don't like the bad weather.


Mexico with Mike

I am going to Mexico with Mike. He and his whole sales team won an all expense paid trip to Playacar Riu Resort in Playa Del Carmen Mexico, from the company he works for. He invited me to go with him to celebrate his 50th. I am going from Feb 6-11. It was a hard decision b/c I feel really guilty and I am a little nervous about leaving the kids after all the ordeal. Cristy is coming down from DC for Tues-Thurs and then Jason is taking the rest of the time off work and keeping them. Jason says I should still go, but I am really struggling with this decision. Jason thinks the trip will help me rejuvenate....but I am really nervous about leaving them....I have never been away from them.



Friday January 12, 2006-Spent tonight at Children's Hospital "After hours care". Now Karina has a 104 temp. They did chest x-rays and she is also close to having phenomena (sp) and has an ear infection..(my birthday celebration postponed)

Saturday-13th - Mike came over to fix me a birthday dinner since we had to cancel our trip over. Thought maybe we were over the hump a little.....

Sunday 14th- Cooper is really sick. He isn't moving at all and just lays in my arms. Fever has spiked to over 104. took Cooper to the doctor. Doctor did more x-rays and blood work. Sent us to Children's Emergency room. they did a spinal tap and we will get those results tomorrow. But also has pneumonia. They admitted him. Giving him IV fluids and antibiotics. He is soooo sick!!! Very scary prognosis they gave us! Jason went home to give Karina a bath (Mike has been with her today and she seems to really enjoy his attention. Mike was supposed to go home but has stayed to help) then came back up to the hospital. He and I both took turns holding cooper thru the night. I worry because Karina is home sick too!

Monday 15th- Jason left at 4:00 am to go home b/c Mike has to go to work (he was supposed to go home Sunday). They came and did more blood work a little after 4. Doctor came...they want to keep Cooper another night. Karina is still sick but had to stay with us in the hospital all day today since we have no one close to help with her. the nurse said I could take her temp. Lost the plastic cover in her rectum and spent two hours in the Emergency room with her. They had to call jason down because I was completely exhausted and not holding up well...plus she kept screaming for "daddy". Doctor could not find item in x-rays. While packing up for the night, we found plastic item on the table. It never stuck to thermometer. Jason stayed with him tonight and I just brought Karina home so I can get some sleep.... Needless to say..exhaustion has set in around here for both of us. Off to bed.

Tues 16th- Karina was up all night crying. She would only stop if I walked her around. No sleep! 6:00 am...called Alice to see if she could hold Karina so I could get dressed. Not sure if I am going to Emergency room or what...waiting for nurse to call me back. Alice called Cindy b/c she had to work and I was barely functioning. Cindy skipped work to help us out. We took her our reg. doctor first thing and they did more chest x-rays, blood work. Her ear infection has gotten worse over the last week (even on antibiotics) Said it was an 11 on a scale of 1-10 and her chest has a little wheezing. But the doctor said she didn't have pneumonia "yet". So they were very aggressive and gave her a shot of the antibiotics. Cooper was getting in his IV to try to keep her out of the hospital. They also changed her medicine. I hope today she will feel better. Her doctor suggested and wrote me a prescription because I appeared very sick. Jason is at the hospital with Cooper. They are letting him come home this afternoon!!! Jason got little sleep last night at the hospital. Doctor gave us strict orders with Cooper...pushing fluids, watching temp, etc. Karina only wants to be held and feels really crummy. so Jason and I take turns with her Cooper is very happy to be home and is taking a very long nap!!! Phillip and Alice Cooked us dinner. MB is fine with Jason missing work....Even Bill Taylor stopped by and offered help.

Wed 17th -- Tried to call my doctor, can't fit me in. Jason is going to take some of the day off. If I could just get well then I could probably handle both sick children. Cindy made us lunch and Stuart and Dana are bringing dinner. We take Cooper back to the doctor tomorrow. Cooper seems really good this morning!!! Still very congested. Said it would probably last another week on both and we just had to watch closely. Both are on strong antibiotics. Karina seems better too. Antibiotics are very strong. Both have had a tad of diaria from them. Trying to keep them both low key today so we don't have a relapse (which doctor warned us about)

Thurs 18th-Jason took off again and I went to the doctor. He said I needed to stay in bed or I will be in hospital. I have a lot of rattle in my chest, ear infection...gave me strong antibiotic shot and put me on a strong antibiotic. Insisted I spend some time in bed. It has been so hard to do because I have been so worried about Karina and Cooper. Cooper and Karina's doctor's apt. went pretty well. Her chest still sounds bad and his sounds better. His ear infection is still pretty bad hers is getting better. The doctor said it would be a slow recovery for both. Pretty soon we will all be well!!!!!

Friday 19th-Alice is supposed to come help me some this morning....soon as she comes to help..I am back to bed. Jason is coming home from work at 11:00. He has somehow managed to stay well in all of this. Work is being very supportive with him. He just called and said Bill Taylor is bringing us some chili over tomorrow. Erica Gambrell is going to stop by on her way back from Atlanta for an hour to help some. We called Mike's friend to see if she could come help today..but she couldn't be here until this afternoon. She may come Sunday afternoon and just help for a few days.

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