Lichtenstein Castle

Sunday was such a fun day.  We decided to go on a little drive to the Swabian-Albs to visit the Lichtenstein Castle.  It was only about 40 minutes away from Stuttgart and once I woke up from my “passenger seat nap” realized it was a pretty drive through the rolling hills.  

From what I could understand of our German tour, the first castle was built here on the “mountain cliff ”in the 1100s.  Over the centuries, various castles have been built, destroyed by war, and rebuilt on this same “cliff”.  There are still some of the original walls from 1388.  Jason did the best he could at translating most of the tour.  However, as soon as the tour guide would start giving information as we entered a new room, Karina would say, “daddy, what did she say?”  Unfortunately, I don’t think Jason was able to get much out of the tour either so we paid for an English brochure!  The lack of understanding didn’t seem to faze any of the Hoff family; we understood the enchanting scenery that was surrounding us- THAT didn’t need words!  The views are breathtaking (and believe me when I say both my breath and my heartbeat were taken away when I peeked a look down the side of the cliff)  There was a sense of peacefulness as we walked along the winding paths through the woods… until we found the playground!   Put a zip line in front of these two and the peacefulness is quickly interrupted by high octave noise and laughter! Then add a game of freeze tag with daddy and all peace was gone…until mommy found the BierGarten.  I decided to get “brave” and ask a man, who appeared to be a local, for a restaurant recommendation in the area.  As I have found with most Germans thus far, he was extremely kind as he explained that there were TWO local restaurants that were well known for having superb Trout.  We decided to try “Adler” which in addition to the trout was known for their “Honau” potato dish.  I know I cannot possibly describe this meal and give it the justice it deserves, so I won’t try!  Let’s just say we didn’t hear a peep out of the kids the whole time they were eating.  Then again, it could have been the hunger all the fresh air caused.  The “funny” of the night….as Jason was heading to the car with the kids, a few people stopped me on my way out and started asking me the usual questions we tend to get asked (where are you from, why are you living in Germany, Do you like it here…etc. etc. )  The waiter came and “retrieved” me at Jason’s request (he was sitting in the car with the kids) As I hopped in the car, buckled my seat belt, Jason began laughing and continued to laugh as he repeated the question Karina had asked while I was inside, “daddy, why is mommy always so CHATTY CHATTY with everyone?” So there you have it……..I guess I will stop being “chatty-chatty” on this post and share the following:

What I do know for sure about Lichtenstein Castle:
·      *In 1802 the land came into the hands of King Frederick I of Württemberg
·      *He built a castle on the site to serve as a hunting lodge.
·      *He was given the longest champagne glass in the world and it is on display.
·      *Food in a German Biergarten beats any fast food in the U.S! 
·      *Zip Lines and parks are at most attractions we have visited and makes the kids look forward to each “Weekend tour”
·      *They have a website with more accurate information than what I have written-http://www.schloss-lichtenstein.de/english/index.php
·      *The restaurant/hotel has a website in case you are in the area and want a fantastic meal  http://www.adler-lichtenstein.de/restaurant%28engl.%29.htm

Is this real?

This can make a stomach drop....

some of the walls are from 1300's

Zip Lines...everywhere in Germany

Nothing like a game of 'Freeze Tag' with dad at a Castle!


  1. Kirstin,
    Tell Karina that I said her mommy has been Chatty Chatty with everyone since she was Karina's age. I guess some things never change,do they? Love ya!

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  2. How beautiful!!!! I can't wait to go to Germany and see the gorgeous castles!

  3. Ok so now u need to start writing for travel magazines too! Your chatty chatty personality is one of your best qualities! People are drawn to you all over the world!

  4. Hi! I just found your blog when I was researching this castle. We are an Army family who just got here a month ago. I cannot believe how much traveling you guys have done in 5 months. Any advice for traveling with small children? What are some MUST SEE places?

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