Front yard potty

7/07-Kids are sick AGAIN with some nasty chest cold they caught on the plane. We had fun in Oregon and it was so nice having the extra hands. Now, it is back to pretty lonely. Jason is working all the time now and most nights get home just as they are going to bed. By that time, I am exhausted and have to go to bed. I haven't complained though, I can tell he feels so guilty not being around. So, I don't have much more going on here.

8/9/07- I am so tired today....Went to get Karina this morning-bed soaking wet, then new furniture was delivered at 8:15 instead of 9:00 while I was trying to feed them and make cupcakes for Cooper's birthday tomorrow, went to Costco-which was an ordeal today b/c they kept yelling "eat", then went to Home Depot to get felt bottoms for the chairs (b/c they already have scratched the floor-who would have thought being pushed in and out 20 times by them would have scratched the floor????) came home to mow the lawn-100 degree, Karina told me she wet her pants and had to go more tee (while I was mowing the lawn...poor girl had been holding ALL morning and I forgot) Anyway, told her just to take off her panties and shorts and go tee-tee in the grass (because I was about to pass out from heat exhaustion and figured if I stopped the lawn mower, I could never start again) ANYWAY, I was so proud of her just squatting! BUt then I looked closely and she had Poo-pooDDDDD!!!!! UGH! Of course, she asked for her gummy bears afterward (that is what she gets for going potty!) lawn mower decided to sputter and quit on me and I decided to call it a day....oh...it was only 1:15 BUT...this afternoon is a new day (or maybe that is half day)

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