Now, looking back with hindsight which I'm told is 20/20, it was a little ironic that only a few weeks before we found out we would be moving back to the U.S., the kids and I planned a trip back because I was feeling a little homesick.  So off we went for a quick vacation to Washington DC to visit my niece and her family. 

And as soon as we landed back in Stuttgart, after a wonderful trip,  I started realizing all of the things that I would miss here and make me feel "homesick" for Stuttgart.  Ironic...huh?


Roller coaster of life

There is nothing permanent except change.

Just when I think I have learned the way to live, life changes.
Hugh Prather

The first step toward change is awareness. The second step is acceptance.
Nathaniel Branden

For over a week now, after we found out our lives were going to include a big change, my writing ability seemed to run away as I tried to write a blog about this new phase of our life. I suppose part of the problem writing, is you need to know what you want to say before you can say it. that can be hard when you are even sure how you feel.

After learning that we would be moving back to Alabama in a few short months, which is much sooner than we expected, I seemed to have buckled on a roller coaster full of emotions and has more loopty loops than any you can purchase at Six Flags. I am happy to be moving closer to my friends and family...I am sad to be moving away from my friends, some that have become like family...I am happy to be moving back to warmth....I am sad to be moving away from snow ( especially when I just got the hang of driving in the stuff) and the list goes on and on as this seems to be an extended ride in this tilted brain of mine. I guess reading thru pages of quotes was the best way to reassure myself that change is indeed like a roller coaster and it is best to just hold on and enjoy the ride...loops and all.


On it's way?

I am hoping Breuninger's "spring", known as Frühling in German, themed windows are an indication of it's arrival. Or maybe Breuninger has also reached its quota of dark, cold, and snowy days?

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