Nebelhöhle Tour

Nice cool day plus jet lag 'adios' plus Sunday equals Perfect day to drive down to tour "Nebelhöhle," a stalactite cave in the Swabian Alb that was first mentioned in 1486!!! 
Driving down towards the Swabian Albs is one of my favorites drives (when Jason is driving and I can just look at the enchanting scenery) because it is full of fields of crops, old church steples, and rolling hills.   We really weren't sure what to expect once we arrived, but were impressed as we walked the forest trails lined with green giants and fresh air which landed us right smack in the middle of a playground.  Of course, that shouldn't surprise us since there seems to be a playground at every inhale here in German as well as a Biergarten/restaurant!  After we played and ate...we starting making our decent down into the nice dark and cool cave with Jason (again) translating the tour book.  I recommend this tour outing (which at times felt like I was at the gym pumping away on the stair master)

I however, would not recommend the second tour of the day....did I mention that I slipped OUT of our shower onto the tile floor as I was getting ready for our outing?  I guess I should have used my "super mommy" skills and honed in on the fact that my two little ones had left shampoo bottles open and overflowing on the shower floor.  Spilled shampoo plus a hard tile floor plus a stubborn mother equals a nice Four hour tour at a hospital and a bright red cast given as a token at the end of the tour.  YES....you  did read our tours in the correct order.  Even though my arm was purple and throbbing, I thought I needed to teach the kids that we all have accidents but we need to be TOUGH in life (plus I was giddy to see the cave)  Needless to say, I wasn't quite tough enough!


Hot vs Hot

It was hot enough to help Cooper's sunflower seeds grow
 I haven't been able to write this week because JET LAG won.  I have finally realized that no matter how much I use my "mind over matter" philosophy,  it takes this family about a week and a bag of coffee to overcome jet lag. 

We arrived (almost a week ago) back in 'hot' Germany.  I was still wearing my warmer spring clothes when we left and now find myself walking around in a bathing suit not caring about any jiggle.  I have learned that there is 'Hot' as in Alabama (which includes air conditioning to give one some relief) and there is 'Hot' as in Germany (which leaves one to find their own means of cooling off since it does not typically include cool air being generated by an electric motor and some Freon).  

Kids "hot relief"

I have also learned this week, that once we have our "hot relief" techniques mastered, the cool air comes knocking on our door. Yes, I welcomed it with open arms open windows and doors (as I put on my long pants).  Now that the jet lag has disappeared and the cool air returned, I feel like I am back at home in the Germany I know. 
Jason's "hot relief"

Rocky's "hot relief"


Tricky Time

Why is 'time' so tricky?  I mean, my 40 minute jog feels like 40 hours, my 1 1/2 hour German class feels like 1 1/2 days as my brain fizzles, but these past 3 weeks with family and friends have seemed like 3 seconds.  Yep, time can play tricks. I had hoped time would play a trick in my favor making these last 24 hours seem like 24 minutes while I am under water holding my breath.

Have to be tricky to get out of this....
 I have never liked the last days of our vacations back home... making last phone calls to say goodbye one more time, giving that last hug and packing that last shell that fell out of a pocket. However, I am thankful for the ALL the time we had with our family and friends tricky or not.
Uncle Mike brought us some tricky gifts


Good Sleep

What beats taking a nap on the beach in Grandma's lap....I don't think Pops fared quite as well as the two tackled him in the ocean. 


Beach Birthday

Nothing beats a birthday...except celebrating at the beach with family we don't see very often. 

Birthday boy.

Tee and X

Pappa and Nanna


Coastal Living Ultimate Designer Beach House Tour

The "Picture of the day at Rosemary"......When it storms, walk to the "2012  Coastal Living Ultimate Designer Beach House" for a tour...take pictures...email pics to friends to show them your new home...(funny only to me)   Don't let anyone every tell you a rainy day at the beach isn't fun!!! Link for Coastal Living Ultimate Beach House



PE...Not as in Physical Education.... But as in perfect ending to a perfect day. Rosemary 'pics of the day'....


"Pic of day"-#1

AGAIN- it was hard hugging friends as they left the Rosemary oasis to head back to the real world ( school starts soon in Alabama and New Orleans) However, Jason and I had a little sweet victory with our "beach horse shoe" which utilizes beer cans filled with sand rather than an iron shoe. I know we will see our friends very soon since they will want a rematch as soon as possible.... Maybe we are on to something!


Homeland Camaraderies

Looking for dinner...
Writing has not seemed to make it into my daily schedule since we landed here in 'good-ole-US of A.... It seems my time has been dominated by belly laughs, swimming pools, beach fires, Mexican restaurants, collecting sea shells and most of all re- connecting with many of my old comrades.

Writing probably won't make it on the top of my list during our last few weeks here in the states, mainly due to the fact that computers don't seem to work well in the ocean and I'm soaking in every minute with my family and friends.

However, pictures seem to speak loudly when there are so many smiles, so here are some of the pics from the last week in Birmingham and Rosemary Beach where we soaked up the sun and our time together making our camaraderie even stronger. 
Good Mexican food made better by Katie

This is Camaraderie!

Beating the heat in Birmingham
Some traditions remain strong!

Adding some "heat" at the beach with friends

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