Stuttgart Strassenbahn Museum

Jason (a.k.a-Dad) was home for a few days before heading back out of the country and we found the perfect Museum to visit.   Since he is traveling so much these days, what would be better than checking out a museum about transportation?  Off we headed to the Stuttgart Strassenbahn Museum. Strassenbahn Museum website

I think we were all just excited about our means of transportation to and from the SSM.  On the weekends, they run some of the old trams and buses at special times to and from the site.  I must say, my butt quickly recognized the improvements they have made in the past 100 plus years!  However, these old trams and buses were much warmer than our final walk thru the forest home!

I'm a stud

"I bet this horse was tired"
"Why is underneath so dirty??"

Ding-Ding goes the trolley!

old bus was a fun ride!
Cold walk the rest of the way home


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