We headed up towards Porto Cristo to tour “Cuevas Del Drach” or as the children called it “the Big Caves”.  I was shocked to read that it is thought that this cave was formed somewhere between around 20 million years ago.  So, if I ever start feeling old, I’ll just think of this cave.  After making our way down a portion of the 270 feet deep cave, we were able to sit and enjoy a concert of classical music by live musicians as they floated along the subterranean lake in the cave.  If we were willing to stand in line after the concert,(which much to Jason’s delight I was more than willing to wait) we could  take a boat trip to the other side of the water. 

If you visit their website, the background music is the concert we heard and they have some great pictures too. http://www.cuevasdeldrach.com/

After the visit, we headed down to the Harbor for another great Tapas lunch.  Since our Spanish is non-existent (besides Cooper’s counting to 10), neither of us was sure what the little plate of nicely prepared meats we ordered was - but they tasted good.  Not to mention a good glass of Spanish wine to wash it all down.


  1. The food looks "delicioso!!". The caves look amazing.:) Glad you are all having a great time! We made it back to Lagos last night...such a contrast to where we were 24 hours ago.:) love,m:)

  2. Tell K & C that Lily really wants to go there.


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