9 is fine!

We are headed to Salzburg for a long holiday weekend. Without us planning, It just happens to be our 9th anniversary and a little over nine years ago this handsome chunk of a man asked me to marry him in this same city. Coincidence or faith?

He still loves me for who I am, all my quirky ways, makes me smile when things are tough and I will still follow him all over the world. Happy anniversary to the man that makes me smile. 



As I still make 3 loops around my neck with my scarf, I wonder where Spring has gotten lost in Germany this year.  But it was an absolute no show in Paris.  It was raining with a brisk wind that tried desperately to undo those 3 loops.  However, I was proud of the kids (and myself) for venturing out and taking part of the city despite the frozen knuckles and umbrellas flipping inside out more than blocking the rain.  We all "looked up" and kept on the positive side.  Sometimes, that is just what you have to do to get thru the pouring rain even when it is springtime in Paris.....


Fast trains

If you are living in a hotel and up comes a long holiday weekend, one might as well hop on the fast train to Paris and hit another hotel.

Ahhhh... The fast trains in Europe are a gem. What other means of transportation can you ride going 316km/hr and not have to buckle up for safety? ( not to mention all of the free eye candy)


"Alabama Bound"

Lead Belly sings "Alabama Bound" 
I'm Alabama bound
I'm Alabama bound
And if the train don't stop and turn around
I'm Alabama bound

If you switch "train" with "boat", this is the appropriate send-off song for our furniture and house contents.  Their departure ticket, via port, ocean liner, port, customs inspection and then back on a moving truck, is ahead of ours. 

I've found I'm ok living with out "our stuff" for the next month or so....but it sure is hard saying goodbye to this house we made our home for the past 2 1/2 years. As people say, "if only these walls could talk"



The 'art' of change

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.
Thomas Merton

The random artwork I stumbled upon on a daily basis here in Germany, whether it was the lounging ladies that greeted me outside of the market every morning, or the historic statues that seemed to whisper a secret with every passing, the gurgling fountains that always made the kids need a bathroom, the painted church ceilings that looked like heaven, or a well designed palace rose garden that was right smack in the middle of my life, all helped me to find myself the past 2 1/2 years.  


Now that the movers have been here the past few days, have dismantled much of the house including my art 'playroom', I find that I am a little lost.  I guess I am going to have to' brush up' on the 'art of change'.  





Nope...it wont happen. You will not find this on display in Alabama at your local Belk's. I will miss the two times of year when Dirndls and Lederhosen take over all of the window displays. Happy F
ruehlings fest!

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