Rosemary Charms....

House for the week
I love Rosemary Beach! We have spent many vacations at this little paradise that sits a little over 4 hours from our (former) home in Alabama.  I wish I could bottle up the charm it offers with the long wrap around porches, hidden courtyards, wood plank sidewalks and all the laughter you hear as you walk home from the SugarShack or any of the quaint restaurants.

 I love it even more when our friends are able to enjoy it all with us.

many wishes come true!
 Not only were our good friends the Gambrell’s down here with us for a few days, but one of those “strange” meetings I have been having lately happened again, right here in Rosemary Beach.  As Karina and I were renting our bikes for the week, I hear, “Missssss KIRSTIN!!!” I am not used to hearing my name called in public places in Germany, so I hesitated before slowly turning my head towards the buttery Cajun accent.  I guess I was in shock because I didn’t move one inch as I stared at the smiling lady under the big brimmed straw hat and dark sunglasses.  After she called her name out, I began acting like a child hugging her, hugging her, hugging her again and then dragging she and her family to our house. 

Here is the irony of this story; We met Connie and Barry Boudreaux in Guatemala six years ago during our adoption process and quickly became friends with this New Orleans family.  We have gotten together numerous times over the years in Alabama and down here on the Gulf.  I’ll chalk up the odds of us being on the same spot on the same day to just another one of Rosemary’s charms. 

This morning, the Gambrell family and the Boudreaux family gave us those last goodbyes as they headed back home and again I feel the tears trickling down my cheeks.  But I have decided that these “goodbye tears” are worth every minute of the laughter I have enjoyed with all of my family/friends over the past few weeks.  So, I think it is time to head down to the beach and let the ocean hit me with it’s big hug and wash away these tears until the next “goodbye”.  

Nothing better than beach with old friends

boogie boarding

we have our own two fish!  look closely

he doesn't fit in our net

catching up quickly-time flies

where are the waves?

Do you do this in Germany? HA!

Does this water feel cold to you?-HA

Kids favorite place-1st time trying "poprocks"


  1. We had a such a great time and miss you all already! I'm sorry I left abruptly but I was holding back the floodgates! :) We love you all and can't wait until our next visit! Take care of yourself and go get that massage. You deserve it!

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  2. Add a little sip of coke with those pop rocks and you have a mouth party! Wait...maybe this could be Saturday fun?

  3. Hey there! Too funny about running into Barry and Connie:) The kids look like they had a great time. Jeremy just tried pop rocks this summer,too...and he loved them:) Take care and travel safe!! love, m:)


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