"Tubing" in Germany

Just one of the rows of mustard
my new fav-spread on bread!
Before moving to Germany, I would grab my tube of toothpaste and throw it in the shopping cart without thinking much of the container which held it prior to hitting my brush.  There have been many "tubes" in my life that have affected me in one way or... not.   There are 'tube socks' which are not allowed on my legs,  'YouTube' which brings me highlights of the shows I am missing, 'The Tube' in London which is very efficient and can seduce me into a late night nap and of course the 'Tube Top' I loved to wear a when I was a teen even though some of the necessary means were missing.. 
Numerous flavors of mayo...

Here in Germany,  I have fallen in love with another type of tube that comes filled with all types of culinary treats.  My favorite tube here, which suits me much better than that tube top I wore many years ago, is the one filled with mustard that will make your eyes and nose water.  Of course, you can buy this in a milder form, but what is the fun of that one? Maybe I am becoming a tube addict because I feel the need to buy a new tube filled with some type of surprise on a weekly basis.  And to think I didn't even think twice about a "tube" when I lived in Alabama except perhaps an invitation to go "tubing" on the lake. 



Fairy Tales....

Hole dug.....wiring being checked.

 Ah...Fairy Tales...they can teach us a lot if we listen.  One of my favorite lines in "The Three Little Pigs" reads, "Whatever you do, do it the best that you can because that's the way to get along in the world."

Someone must have listened around here because when the power goes out in Germany...they are going to FIX IT THE BEST THAT THEY CAN!

A while back, we woke up with half of the house having a power outage.  As in, half of the stove worked, half of the of the electric outlets, and half of the alarm clocks blinked dreamily at us as the sun rose.  

It seems (to me and may not be the opinion of others) when one is in need of maintenance, repairs or construction here in Germany,  it tends to be a rather slow, methodical process, but is done with precision. Thanks to this precision, our kids were entertained for a week!   And if I had to guess... no big ole bad wolf will be huffin' and pufffin' an blowin anything down here in Germany!!!!  Yep, I'm proud to say I don't have any hair on my chinny chin chin, our power came back on and we are living happily every after.....

Who needs a porch light?!?
Hmmm...I wonder if I can walk on that and make footprints???


Buon giorno!

Buon giorno from Sardinia, Italy. 

What I thought was going to just be a nice relaxing four day vacation with the family turned out to be a rekindling of my love affair with Italy.  For me, it was rekindled the minute the ocean breeze blew in our room along with the complimentary room service consisting of lush melon with prosciutto, grilled calamari straight from the Mediterranean, tomatoes with fresh buffalo mozzarella and a robust local olive oil to accompany it all.  I knew it was going to be a good weekend full of sweet nothings being whispered to us.  

The love continued throughout the warm sunny days while sitting by the Sea listening to all the Italian being spoken around us (which tops any of my playlists). The island is lush and BIG which we quickly found out after a few morning drives in which we never seemed to find the little curvy roads on our map.  The Sea, which is bigger than the island, is the most incredible turquoise green and also whispers sweet nothings to anyone that will listen.  Yes, Spain has captured my heart over the past year, but the Italian culture, beauty, food, and hospitality snatched me right back into its arms and is holding on real tight.  Ciao-finché non ci incontreremo di nuovo!!!

Cooper has a love affair with his new magazine

Notice the "peddler" in the background


The German doctor said....

♩ ♪ ♫ ♬This little Monkey was tired of the bed, too much sickness that she was ready to shed. So mamma called the doctor and the doctor said, "THAT little monkey should go on vacation!!!"♩ ♪ ♫

This truffle is stuffed with meds..but feeling GOOD!

The other day as I glanced at my bedside table, the thought occurred to me that it looked more like one of a person about to turn 100 years old rather than the young springy age that I am today.  Thankfully for my neighbors, I didn't start screaming in horror at all of those bottles smiling at me because they are helping me get well, but I did make a vow that we would go on our upcoming vacation.

That same day, the kids must have thought the doctor said "that mom and dad should take them to the Breuninger Confiserie, in downtown Stuttgart,  to eat until their hearts were were dripping with sugar." WELL--- maybe they have a point and more doctors should write a prescription for truffles....I'm sure the alcohol hiding inside can cure all!?!?  Don't worry....the kids don't get those lovely little truffles filled with champagne, baileys, Campari, or any other alcohol surprise to wet your buds.  But it doesn't seem to matter to them, for they have fallen in love with all of the Chocolate delicacy here in German.   
How many can we have?????

It is one of those European 'treats' that I have begun an affair with and I don't even really like sugar.  Good truffles available at a blink of the eye is one of those things that I have begun taking for granted.  Much like I have taken my good health for granted in the past.

However, I am determined to start savoring every moment of good health, truffles and all the good things in life.  So, when this mamma called the doctor, and the doctor said, "you should be fine to travel." I felt like I had eaten the whole counter of truffles with a taste of Sardinia Italy on the inside.

Breuninger Confiserie
I guess Forest said it best, "Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get." We haven't known what all we were going to "get" the past three months, but our family has stuck together, remained positive and grown closer from the experience. Now it is time to start tasting the truffles again and head off to second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea with the family for some fresh sea air ...I wonder if Forest ever had a box full of these German truffles?
Hey Forest, I knew what I was gonna get!


Missing you here in Germany

One of the 'crazy' things about me (before you start to wonder...my husband loves me crazy), my head always thinks in songs.  This week, the song I found myself singing the first verse of was Allison Kraus's "Missing You".
Every time I think of you
I always catch my breath
And I'm still standing here
And you're miles away
And I'm wondering why you left 

It isn't you... or you that I'm missing...it seems my immune system has run off and I REALLY miss it. Maybe it got a little tired of the cold weather we have been having here in Germany and ran off to a tropical island and is sipping a cute umbrella drink soak n up the sun.  Who knows...but I am tired of living life with out my best friend because without her, I seem to spend more time in German doctors and sleeping in hospitals than out touring all of the things I want to here in Germany.  ALL of my German doctors seem to have the answers on how to get her to come home quickly, therefore, I am following their advice and hope she runs back to me full speed.  Heck, I will give her all the umbrellas she wants in her drinks and massage her feet after she sits 'on guard' all day.  

My latest battle was NOT with Appendicitis...rather a new found problem with Diverticulitis and another unwelcome virus that is attacking my intestines.  I guess the word is out on the grapevine that my immune system headed off on vacation.  Well...these two new friends are learning real fast that "this horse don't break so fast".  I'm not wondering why my girl, a.k.a-IS (Immune System) left...who wouldn't want to go sit in the sun and drink umbrella drinks, I'm just wondering when she is going to run out of money and head back to me?!?!?

Here is a little view of my "German Wellness Plan" the past week.....
Lot's of medicine-Umbrella drinks look better
Too much Griebrei, potatoes, and yogurt...
Many meals of the 100 yr old traditional Zwieback in the hospital and home!  Seem my intestines like this better than anything else. 

Immune vitamins-umbrella drinks look better

Lot's of Tea and Water

Lots of potatoes and White Asparagus (thank goodness they are in season)
My own wellness program-lots of sketching to fulfill the past year of requests from people-yes....delivery coming soon!!!(money needed to pay hospital bills :)
And of course...Much Reading which I never seem to find time for since moving to Germany
 Sketches going on to canvas...very healthy. Plus when one isn't touring...allows much time for painting.

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