Colds, Colds, Colds

Things are good here....just fighting constant colds. The kids are doing good otherwise. Jason's parents are coming the 16th-24th. It is going to be so nice to have them here. They try to come every couple of months for at least a week. Jason and I are going to go spend the night in a hotel one night to have some "us" time while they are here. That is a big disadvantage to not having any family around....we don't get much us time.



Karina loves singing "Jesus Loves Me"? Jason's project of finishing our basement is going good...we painted all last weekend. We are going have a Pool table, play room bar, and a full bathroom. Jason is putting in the ceiling and window frames this weekend. Then I will paint the trim while they are napping next week.

We spent four hours in the basement for tornados yesterday. They closed the plant so at least Jason was here with us. It was pretty scary for a while. We have had warm weather all week. Been nice for the kids to play outside b/c it has been in the 70s but don't like the bad weather.

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