Today's lessons from" E.V."

Katharinenhospital Pic thanks to Stuttgart web
As I sit here in the waiting room at Katharinenhospital Augklinik (hour #3),  for my bi-weekly eye check, I have realized my friend, E.V., (let my creative naming shine...stands for eye virus) has actually taught me a few lessons the past 6 weeks...
  •  When entering a waiting room in Germany that is full of people- seems one must ALWAYS greet all the others with  "Guten morgen" or "Auf Wiedersehen" when leaving. (don't get scared when the chorus of patients all respond in unison which you are also expected to do when a person enters or exits)
Look out grass...here I come for a nap!
  • I CAN answer a ga-gillion questions asked in very fast German by a waiting room full of people older than me (by at least 30 years) about "life in America" or "what I think about Germany" AND enjoy it all. 
  • It is o.k. to find the nearest schlossgarten, just lay down and close your eyes without worrying what anyone will think. (E.V. gets tired when running errands downtown.) Let's just clarify that I tend to look more like a bag lady than one of the posh Europeans sitting on the lawn!
Yes, E.V. has taught me many lessons but today HE learned an important lesson as well......

  • Even when an unwanted friend is still hanging around in my eyes, trying to squash my fun, and will require at least 4 more weeks of Cortisone drops to make him disappear, THE VERY KIND GERMAN DOCTOR WILL STILL APPROVE THAT I CAN FLY WITH MY FAMILY FOR VACATION.  Hello airplane and hello Majorca Spain, it will be so nice to "SEE" you (well maybe not see you so well this time) !!!! SO, E.V.-I guess you will get to do a little touring after all and maybe learn a few lessons yourself!

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